Change is the only constant in this world. One who accepts this fact and is ready for it is the one who succeeds in the long run. In today’s cut-throat business world, one can be ready to face future challenges if one is knowledgeable and skilled to take on new challenges. Human resource is one of the most important capital of any company. Companies can prepare to slug it out if they have a human resource which is trained and ready to face the future challenges; be they; new technologies, better efficiencies or more productivity.

It takes a lot of skill to keep a group of unwashed men confined in a 50 meter long tube motivated to keep going on and giving their best for 45 days at a stretch without seeing sun or the nature. Yes that’s life on a submarine and our team of veteran submariners have led and kept this guys motivated for 25 years. Our team of highly educated veterans with experience in engineering, design, plant operation and maintenance, programme and project management, workshop floor practices in addition to leadership and motivation and business leadership will provide the insights to your employees through their engaging and very interactive workshops. These guys are alumni of organisations like IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Delhi, BARC Mumbai and Pune University. They are trained at Centre Leadership and Behavioural Studies. All are B Techs with either single or double masters and MBA.

Adler contributes to your future readiness and competitiveness by training your resources in new technologies, technology management, technology selection and assimilation, right procedures, best practices in production, sales, marketing and engineering. Adler helps you build motivated teams and make your new employees fit into your organisation by honing their business skills.

Talent Development Workshops

Adler Technoserve conducts highly knowledgeable,  engaging and interactive specially customised workshops which will meet your specific needs. We cover the following areas of training: –

  1. Soft and Human Skill – We train your employees in areas like Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) at work place, presentation and public speaking, etiquettes and life skills.
  2. Leadership and Motivation – We provide workshops to bring the best in leadership in your employees. Our engaging content will provide the motivation they will need to keep them going.
  3. Electrical Engineering – Adler cover areas related to earthing, maintenance of motors, cabling, installation, static electricity etc.
  4. Mechanical Engineering – Adler cover areas in maintenance of pumps, engines, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems etc
  5. Operation, Maintenance and Shop Floor Practices – Adler Technoserve conducts courses in Best practices in maintenance, 5S ,Condition Based Monitoring and IoT based maintenance and best shop floor practices like Just-in-Time, Quality Control, Quality Tools etc
  6. Technology Management – Technology is an inalienable part of our life. Managing technology is a niche art and science. It is extremely important for growth and sustenance. Technology Management can be used a strategy by companies for an unfair advantage. Adler is one of the rare companies offering training in technology management.
  7. Project Management – We offer workshops to help companies implement practices of good project management in day to day operations. Adler’s team has a huge treasure of experience in this field having managed some of the largest technology projects in the country including the nuclear submarine programme.
  8. Solar Energy – Adler is a training partner for conducting solar entrepreneurship development programmes under the aegis of the Govt of India. We also conduct hands on rooftop solar power plant installation training.S

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