Energy from the sun is the cheapest unending source of energy. The Govt of India has a target to install 100 GW of solar energy. To promote solar energy government has come up with number of schemes like: –

  1. 30% subsidy for individuals.
  2. Accelerated depreciation for businesses.
  3. Savings in income tax.
  4. Net metering etc.


If you are a business, you can monetise your rooftop because every unit of electricity that you produce on your rooftop will lead to saving in your energy bills. The life of a solar power plant is 25 years, while, depending on your business and energy cost, the payback period varies from 3 to 6 years. All energy available after the payback period is free. This model of installation is called CAPEX model.

Yes, you do need to make a capital investment for a solar plant. But if you are not keen in making an upfront investment you can still install a rooftop solar under the RESCO or OPEX model. Here a RESCO company will install and operate a rooftop solar plant for you at no cost to you. You enter in a PPA with this firm at prices cheaper than the DISCOM tariff helping you save money. After a period ranging from 10 to 12 years, the plant is transferred by the RESCO company to you at no additional cost and you enjoy the enhanced benefits for the balance life of the plant.

Solutions:   We offer solutions under both, CAPEX and RESCO models as per your choice. (Download Brochure)

Services:  We provide complete solution in solar energy comprising the following: –
  1. Site assessment: Adler Technoserve can help you assess your existing rooftop site to determine its suitability, the size of plant that can be installed and the amount of energy that can be generated. We will help you determine the costing and feasibility of the plant.
  2. Sizing of plants: Based on your power consumption/ need we can help you determine the plant size that is appropriate for you. Also, we help you come at a decision to the type of plant you need, net-metering, off-grid, on-grid etc.
  3. Detailed Project Reports: In case of large scale plants exceeding 50 KWp we prepare the Detailed Project Report based on which financing for the power plant may be sought if required. The DPR also gives the detailed financial analysis and feasibility of the product. There is no point putting your hard-earned money in a project that does not make financial sense.
  4. System design: Once the plant type and size has been finalised and the financial feasibility has been established we do a detailed design of the complete plant for you so that you can either go ahead with tendering or allow us to install the plant for you.
  5. System installation: We provide complete solar solutions. If the client wants, we shall either act as the owner’s engineers to manage the project and oversee the installation and commissioning of the plant or; if the client desires; take on the complete installation process through are handpicked installation partners.
  6. Operation and Maintenance: In most cases, power generation and solar energy are not the core business of our clients. Hence, our relationship with the client does not end with the installation. If you so desire we will happily take over the operation and maintenance of the plant for you.
Download Brochure
For a FREE ASSESSMENT of your requirement, please forward the following to us at –
  1. Sanctioned load: What is the sanctioned load of your premises. This is needed If you are keen on a net-metering arrangement.
  2. Rooftop area available: Please send us the area of your rooftop or the dimensions of the industrial shed. Though we need to know the shadow free rooftop area for detailed assessment, we can give you a rough estimate based on this information.
  3. Last six months electricity bills: This will help us in sizing your plant and informing you the kind of money that can be saved through a solar rooftop plant.
  4. Location with address: This will allow us to determine the amount of energy that can be generated at your site. We can give you a rough estimate based on analysis from Google Map saving you the visiting fee.
  5. Google Pin (optional, required for accurate assessment): We can give you a more accurate assessment of the energy generation possible at your site if we have this data available.

For conducting a site survey in and around Pune, please fill up the following form: –