Solar Rooftop Project Outsourcing and Owner’s Engineer Support

Energy from the sun is the cheapest unending source of energy. The Govt of India has a target to install 100 GW of solar energy. Of which 40 GW is earmarked for rooftop solar power plants. To promote rooftop solar plants, government has come up with number of schemes like: –

  1. 30% subsidy for residential and institutional properties.
  2. Accelerated depreciation for commercial and industrial properties.
  3. Savings in income tax.
  4. Net metering etc.


The cost of energy supplied by the utility companies and State Electricity Boards is high for industrial and commercial users as they use them to subsidise the power supplied to residential and agriculture sector. This cost keeps increasing annually at an average rate of 3% per annum. You can reduce your energy bill by installing your own power plant under the CAPEX model or buy cheaper power from a RESCO company which will install and run the plant for you and sell power at prices less than the utility companies.

This leads to the second set of issues. How do you go about getting a solar rooftop plant installed?

  • Do you know what is your actual need?
  • Do you know what is the potential of your site?
  • The vendors and installers you approach will sell you what they have. Is it the best for you?
  • Do you know all the options available in the market?
  • Who will determine the financial viability?
  • Who will develop the specifications for the RFQ or tender? After all the solar plant is a technical plant.
  • Who will prepare the documents for arriving at budgetary estimates and for your internal financial sanctions?
  • Who will prepare a Detailed Project Report?
  • Who will assist in selection of the best vendor offering maximum value based on the best equipment possible in your budget?
  • Who will help you negotiate the best PPA with a RESCO firm?
  • Who will monitor the project and give you an unbiased report?
  • Who will witness the trials and accept the power plant on your behalf?

In effect, you need a technical person on your team, an expert in solar systems, an advisor who will help you see through what the vendor is telling or hiding and help you get the maximum bang for your buck.

A solar rooftop project will last three to nine months and the plant has life of 25 years. Do you want to hire a permanent staff for just six to nine months? Definitely no. You need an Owner’s Engineer who will manage the complete project for you and hand over a working commissioned plant at the end of the day.

Solutions:   We offer complete Owner’s Engineer support and project management outsourcing services for rooftop solar power plants. This is how it works: –

Services:  We provide complete Solar Rooftop Project Outsourcing:
  1. Customer Requirement Assessment: Adler Technoserve will analyse your electricity consumption and consumption pattern and determine your requirement. We advise you about the best options available to you and what plant size will meet your requirement.
  2. Site Potential Assessment: We will assess your existing rooftop site to determine its suitability, the size of plant that can be installed and the amount of energy that can be generated. Also how much of your requirement can be met by your available rooftop?
  3. Feasibility Analysis: We will help you determine the costing and feasibility of the plant. We can assist in life-cycle costing of the plant.
  4. Detailed Project Reports: In case of large scale plants exceeding 50 KWp we prepare the Detailed Project Report based on which financing for the power plant may be sought if required. The DPR also gives the detailed financial analysis and feasibility of the product. There is no point putting your hard-earned money in a project that does not make financial sense. This will include the plant layout and SLD.
  5. Tendering Assistance: We will assist you in developing the Request for Quotation (RFQ) or tender documents putting all detailed standards and specifications that need to be met by the vendor. The plant life is 25 years, what the vendor quoted for; must last 25 years.
  6. Vendor Selection: Once the quotations are received, we will assist you in the technical bid assessment to determine the best value plants on offer.
  7. Project Management: We will vet the detailed designs provided by the EPC vendor. Our team of specialist PMP trained consultants will monitor the progress of the project, oversee the installation process to ensure that the right engineering practices are being followed which will not endanger life or limb of your near and dear ones or employees in future.
  8. Trials and Acceptance: Our team of specialists will witness the trials and accept the rooftop solar power plant on your behalf.
Other Services
  • We offer Lender’s Engineer support for financial institutions looking for lending to solar projects.
  • Site assessment for ground based solar power plants.
  • DPR for ground based solar power plants.


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